Created and founded by Alisha Honufah, NOURIE is a South-Asian owned business based in London, UK.

Our natural Cocosoy candles are handcrafted and carefully poured in small batches. We regularly test our products to make sure they are perfect and safe for you.


Ever since I was at university studying law, and even in my corporate job, I found myself struggling to find ways to destress and unwind. This was really difficult for me as I often felt guilty for taking any time to just rest, rather than work and keep ‘grinding’.

This is why I created NOURIE.

It started off as an outlet to be creative and do something that made me feel calm after a stressful week. It was only when my family told me that they really love how my candles create a calming vibe that I thought this is something I want to share with the world.

After such positive feedback during the pre-launch of NOURIE where I was sharing selfcare ideas and the benefits of wellness as part of our lifestyle, I knew this was what I wanted NOURIE to represent.

The importance of finding time for yourself and for selfcare.




From our choice of natural wax to our use of eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging, we aim to minimise the harm caused to the environment, and to you as our consumer.

 That's why NOURIE is a sustainable and earth-conscious business.

We want to help you to prioritise your self-care moments, by creating moments of calm and tranquillity.

Because you deserve the simple pleasures in life, no matter how busy it gets.