Self-care Sunday - Issue #2: Being present and intentional

Self-care Sunday - Issue #2: Being present and intentional

Welcome back to the Self-care Sunday newsletter! I’m so happy you’re here!

If you’re on a self-care journey, or you’re just looking to level up your self-care, I can help you with this.

Each week I’ll be sharing my weekly Self-care tips, things I recommend, anything that I’ve been loving or has helped me get through the week, and really create my calm.


This will be a quick one, but something important to always remember.

No matter how difficult things may get, or how many obstacles are in your way, whatever chapter you are in right now is temporary.

Whether you're in a positive chapter and there are lots of amazing things happening all at once, or it's a challenging chapter... it is temporary.

So, allow yourself to work towards being present and intentional with your days, soak it all in because every moment is temporary.

And when you have bad days, remember that it's not going to last forever and better days will come, it's temporary.


Something that helps me to be present and intentional with my days,

1) Writing my:

  • gratitudes
  • what I want to let go of
  • my intentions for the day
  • positive affirmations


2) Working out at the gym

  • I'm really able to switch off and try not to stress about things


3) Reading a book

  • I've given myself an aim to read a number books (fictional) before the end of this year
  • I have found that I have missed reading fiction books, sometimes a good book can help you escape - not to mention its so good when you've been staring at a screen all day!


What helps you to be present and intentional? Reply and let me know :)


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Affirmation of the week:

“I am deserving of positivity, comfort and love. I allow myself to indulge in moments of self-care.”

I hope you enjoy this week’s newsletter of Self-care Sunday, and you are able to use this to help you level up your self-care and uplift your mood.

I would love to hear one thing that has got you through the week, or something that has just made your days a little bit easier and lighter.

Have a positive Sunday my loves,

Honufah Alisha, Founder of NOURIE