My guide to having the best sleep

My guide to having the best sleep

My guide to having the best sleep

I’ve been struggling a little with getting a good night sleep, so I decided to do a bit of research on how I can make sure I have the best sleep ever, so you don’t have to.

How I try to have the best sleep:

  1. It all starts with creating a calming vibe

    • I like to clean my apartment, tidy things up so that my mind is clear and my space is clear, ready for the next day.

    • I love lighting a candle, and usually light a cosy scent like ‘Duvet Day’ or ‘Sweater Weather’.

    • I turn the lights off and turn my lamps on - this just creates a calming and mellow atmosphere.

  2. Having a hot shower

    • I use lavender and camomile scented products because these scents are good for calming the nervous system which is perfect for bedtime.

    • I moisturise using this Lush bar - it smells so cosy, relaxing and delicious!

  3. Comfy clothes

    • I get into my comfies and I’ve started to wear 100% cotton PJs because i feel like this type of fabric feels light, airy and doesn’t feel uncomfortable like other fabrics e.g. polyester.

  4. TEA!

    • If you know me, you know I love my herbal teas, my favourite is this tea. It’s perfect for bedtime as it has ingredients which are great for making you feel relaxed.

  5. Silk pillow cases

    • I used to sleep on satin pillowcases, but decided to invest in some silk pillowcases as this is better for your skin and hair.

    • I’ve found that sleeping on silk pillowcases is also more comfortable than regular pillow cases as they are more lighter, hygienic, and beneficial for women’s hormones.

    • You just feel more luxurious sleeping on silk!

  6. Silk eye mask

    • I didn’t ever really see the benefit of sleeping with an eye mask, but ever since doing this, I honestly think it contributes to getting better sleep with no disruption!

Sleep is so important so make sure you are preparing yourself for the best sleep ever, so you’re ready for the next day.

These are just a few adjustments I’ve made that have seemed to work for me, but as always please do your own research and find what works for you.